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    娜拉肚子里藏了一个天大的秘密 — 实在是个超级大天才。嘿嘿,娜拉的麻烦大了这学期的效果单真是仁至义尽: 5 科拿 D 1 科拿 C 但是没人知道。效果会这么烂,实在是故意的烂成果,不只可以让她躲开成为好学生的压力;烂成果,还可以让她好友史蒂芬开心。特别是当她看到对人超好、念书超认真的好友史蒂芬,只由于效果不好,就对自己完全失去信心,认定自己是个无可救药的大笨蛋时,娜拉真的对这种?#27599;?#35797;和?#36136;?#34913;量一个?#35828;?#24773;况忍无可忍啦!带回一张烂成果单,只是娜拉一连串行动计划的第一步 … 娜拉的计划能顺利完成吗?安慰、紧张、精采、悬疑、爆笑、感人 …继而陷入深思,安德鲁 ? 克莱门斯校园小说?#30423;?#21521;读者呈现了一个个鬼灵精怪、富有想象力和创造力的儿童形象。故事常让人莞尔一笑。热泪盈眶。轻松有趣的故事引起孩?#29992;?#22909;奇心和阅读爱好,更能让小孩儿在阅?#26519;?#20313;,深深省?#24049;?#23376;在生长的过程中真正需要的东西。Nora stomach hiding a big secret - is a super genius. Hey, Nora"s in big trouble this semester is really tragic one effect: to get D 1 Division 5 Section C, but no one knows to take. The effect would be so bad, in fact, deliberately bad performance, not only can she escape the pressure to be good students; bad results, but also happy for her friend Stephen. Especially when she saw people, super, super serious studying friend Steven, just because ineffective, completely lost confidence in their own, finds himself a hopeless fool when Nora is really this kinds of tests and scores used to measure a person"s circumstances tolerate it! Brought back a bad report card, only the first step a series of operations Nora ... Nora"s plan will be completed successfully it? Comfort, tension, exciting, suspense, funny, touching ... Deep in thought then, Andrew? Clemens campus novel series presents to the reader one Spectral Essence strange, imaginative and creative image of the child. Story is often too smiled. Tears. Fun children"s story aroused curiosity and interest in reading, and allow the adults to read, apart from a deep reflection in the growth process of the children really need.


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